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Sympathy Basket Ideas

sympathy basket ideas

When someone is dealing with loss, they’re enduring a torrential downpour of difficult emotions. Feelings of sadness, loneliness, and confusion can make it a troubling time. Why not give a gift to help them as they mourn? The right gift can be the perfect gesture to cheer up and show your support, and we have the perfect sympathy basket ideas for you.

When someone is dealing with loss, it can be difficult to articulate how much you care. Conversations don’t come easily when during times of bereavement. A thoughtful, timely basket can do the talking for you.

At, you can show your love with an arrangement filled with delicious items, give words of encouragement with handwritten notes, and amaze the recipient with immaculate gift presentation and decoration. We’re going to give you some ideas to help you find the perfect bereavement gift.


Gift Basket Ideas for Loss of Mother

sympathy basket ideas

A child’s bond with their mother is unlike any other relationship. The son or daughter may be suffering through intense feelings of grief and loss, and they’ll need to know that their friends and family are there to support them. An excellent option is The Italian Family Sunday Supper Gift Box. This gift is made to be shared among close family and friends, as it provides tasty comfort food that the entire family can appreciate.

There’s no one on Earth like mom. The recipient is dealing with monumental feelings of sadness, and likely confusion, as they confront the reality of losing their mother. By giving a quality gift, you offer your sympathy and understanding of what they’re going through. Be that anchor of support for them, provide them space, give them your time, and show how much you care.


Gift Basket Ideas for Loss of Father

with sympathy delux fruit basket

A child’s father is their rock and their model of strength and love. Express your sympathy in a way that shows your support. Our With Sympathy Deluxe Fruit Basket will do the job perfectly. Featuring apples, pears, kiwis, oranges, and more, this is a gift that the recipient will appreciate.

The Grand Luxury Basket offers a bit more decadence. This is a stunning assembly of gourmet treats, including cookies, crackers, cheese, sausage, candies, and dried fruits. Made to please any palate, the recipient will appreciate this heartfelt gesture.

The grief after one loses a father can be deep and intense. We recommend that you not only give an amazing gift from our selection of sympathy gift basket ideas, but that you also provide additional emotional support— through spending time, letting them voice and articulate their sadness, and giving them a shoulder to cry on.


Sympathy Gift Basket Ideas For Loss Of Grandfather

When a grandfather passes, it can be tough on the whole family. If you know someone who has lost their grandfather, they will definitely need a show of support from their friends and family. Years of memories and patriarchal guidance are lost with the passing of a grandfather, but a thoughtful gift can help them as they progress through the grieving process. Our Connoisseur Fruit & Gourmet Sympathy Gift Basket is great for this situation. An assortment of juicy, delicious fruit and artisan snacks is tastefully arranged and decorated with a “With Sympathy” purple-toned ribbon.

Losing a grandfather is never easy, but you can lift the spirits of those he left behind with a quality gift.


Condolence Basket Ideas for Loss of Child

The Café My Way Tea and Coffee Gift Basket is more than a bereavement gift, it’s an invitation for you and the parent to talk, grieve, laugh, cry, and spend time together as they experience this difficult period in their life. Have a get-together with quality coffee and teas and munch on some decadent treats.

As you can imagine, when someone loses a child, they’re enduring terrible feelings of despair. Do what you can to provide much-needed support. Give a quality gift, offer to help them with anything they may need, be there to talk with them if they’re able to talk.


Gift Basket Ideas for Loss of a Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend, and when we lose them from our lives it can be devastating. Our Just Right Sympathy Basket features a collection of delicious treats that will cheer the recipient up, including chocolate chip cookies, caramel cookies, cheese straws, smoked almonds, and so much more. This basket is finished with a tasteful “With Sympathy” ribbon.

Losing a pet is no light matter, and the bond one has with their dog is often unbreakable. They’re likely dealing with major feelings of grief. They may also feel like people in their life don’t understand what they’re going through, as many people don’t really understand what it’s like to lose a pet. Giving a quality gift will be appreciated.


Bereavement Gifts Other Than Flowers

The stereotypical bereavement gift has always been a bundle of flowers. While we’re sure any gift will be appreciated by the recipient when they’re going through grief, you can do so much more than give a bouquet by utilizing one of our sympathy basket ideas.

For example, you can give a box of chocolates like The Decadent Chocolate Gift Basket. It’s filled with amazing Godiva chocolate that’s meant to be devoured, and it provides an amazing gift that will surely warm the recipient’s heart.

With so many different options to choose from, it’s incredibly easy to find a creative gift. The best thing you can do is to give something to lift the recipient’s spirits, help them see the brighter side of life, and give them some comfort while they go through harsh times.

Check out our selection of sympathy gift baskets today.

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