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The Wine Barrel Elegance Deluxe is a step above the rest. Included with this amazing barrel wine holder is four delightful wines. The first wine is a Merlot, with aromas of cherries, blackberries and hints of spice. The second wine is a Chateau Chardonnay which features bright notes of apple and citrus fruits complimented by oak undertones. Thirdly, we have included a bottle of Red Blend which is full of the flavors of rich red grapes with a creaminess of oak and firm tannins. Lastly, a Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine features flavors of hazelnut, vanilla and coconut. Included with the Wine Barrel Elegance Deluxe is flat bread crisps,  caviar, MV’s Best Virginia Jalapeno cocktail peanuts and finished with American Vintage Red Wine Biscuits.


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