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The Easter Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Basket is  a premium chocolate assortment meant for true connoisseurs crafted by the world famous Ghirardelli. This basket features a variety of chocolates in different flavors and sizes; (3) 5.32 oz. Square Bags Dark & Raspberry, Milk & Caramel, Mint & Dark, (4) .53 oz. Square Chocolates, 3.5 oz. Creamy Devotion Bar 32% Cocao, 3.5 oz. Dark & Caramel Bar. Includes a 8 inch bunny rabbit.


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    Every year we give gift baskets to our employees at our company. Last year I had a horrible expreience as the baskets arrived after Christmas even though I ordered them a month before. This year I ordered from and the baskets came right when the customer service rep told me and she also was great taking my order over the phone. When I called them back because I had a few questions, they didnt make me wait 2 hours on the phone and were quick with any questions. I will be ordering from them again

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