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The Champagne Countryside gift basket features a La Jouet Brut Champagne, 2 oz. Fontazzi Butter Toffee Pretzels, 2 oz. Smoked Almonds, 6 oz. Cashew Date Flats by Pure, 4.4 oz. Dolcetto Wafer rolls, 3.5 oz Godiva Dark Chocolate Caramels, 2 oz. Dried Fruit Medley, 2 oz. Mediterranean Flatbread Crisps, 4.9 oz. Cajun Peanuts, 2 oz. American Vintage White Wine, Shallot and Cayenne Wine Biscuits, 3.5 oz. Clair de Lune Brie Spread, 2 oz. Godiva Milk Chocolate Covered Cashews, 4.4 oz. French Country Olive Mix, 2.5 oz. Donna Toscana Tuscan Style Pumpkin seed and Chipotle Dark Chocolate Bar, .91 oz. Belgian Truffles and finished with 2 oz. Three Pepper Blend Water Crackers.




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