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Our Mechanic Lover’s Toolbox set is a must for the fix-it kind of individual who enjoys their tools and a little something to munch on. We begin with our toolbox, made of sturdy black plastic. Included with the box is a socket set and 2 screwdrivers, flat-head and philips head. Inside our toolbox we have included; a 4.05 oz. bag of American Vintage Smoky Chipotle Lime and Beer flavored Biscuits, 2 oz. of Smoked Almonds, 2oz. of Napa Valley Honey Mustard Sourdough Nuggets, .09 oz. package of Dolcetto Chocolate Cookies, 2 oz. of Terzetto’s Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies, 4.9 oz. tin of MV’s Best Virginia Peanuts, Cajun flavor and a 1.6 oz. box of Jelly Belly, jelly beans, original flavor.


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