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Raffle Basket Ideas

Whether you’re raising money for charity, or you’re hosting a school competition, a raffle is how you incentivize people to participate. Here are some amazing raffle basket ideas to make your next event a smash!

If you want your raffle to be really special, you need awesome prizes for winners. Many run-of-the-mill raffles settle for boring and uninspiring gifts. Instead of choosing gift cards, go the extra mile and offer gift baskets.

You may be asking yourself “What type of gift basket should I use for my raffle?” We’re going to answer that question by giving you numerous gift basket ideas for raffles that you can use for
your event.


Raffle Basket Ideas for Fundraiser

raffle basket ideas

Fundraisers typically have a very sophisticated audience. You want your raffle prizes to match the sophistication of the event. Consider A Day at The Vineyard Gift Basket, which is designed for a sophisticated palate. Its recipient will enjoy a bottle of Cabernet, wine-flavored cheese, smoked almonds, caramels, and more. This is perfect for a fundraiser.

greatest pleasures chocolate gift basket

The Greatest Pleasures Chocolate Gift Basket is the embodiment of delicious decadence. This basket contains an assortment of chocolatey treats!

The Ultimate Entertaining Gourmet Gift Basket is a motherload of indulgent gourmet food. Participants will salivate at the chance to win this collection of caviar, wild smoked salmon, olive tapenade, Godiva Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds, Wolfgang Puck Coffee, peanut crunch, bottles of premium wine, and more.

These baskets (and many more in our store) all contain items that will help you raise money.


Gift Basket Ideas For Raffle at School

Unlimited Sweets Snack Gift Tower

Young children and teenagers love raffles, but it’s important you have the right type of prizes. Kids will go crazy over the Unlimited Sweets Snacks Gift Tower. It’s a staggering tower of treats, including popcorn, Kit Kats, Lindor Truffles, pretzels, Twix, and so much more.


Who can say no to fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies? Our You Earned a Cookie 1 Gallon Tin is perfect for cookie fanatics.


Pop Open the Yum Popcorn Gift would be another one of our great gift basket ideas for raffles at school, as many children adore popcorn.


Raffle Gift Basket Ideas for Adults


Spa baskets are a huge hit for raffle events. Choose the indulgent All About Me Luxury Spa Basket. Any woman who receives this basket will feel as if they’re being treated to a high-end spa. Featuring various vanilla-scented products, a plush robe, and comfy slippers, this is such a luxury.

Crave the Shave Men's Spa Gift Basket

Our Crave the Shave Men’s Spa Gift Set will delight any man who focuses on his personal grooming. Containing chamomile face wash, honey bar soap, hydrating shave soap, and a tobacco and cardamom-scented candle, the recipient will feel as if he stepped into an old school barbershop.


Winter and Fall Raffle Basket Ideas

We have a variety of gift baskets that are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. The Connoisseur Basket emits holiday season vibes. It includes truffles, chocolate, cabernet cheddar cheese, and so much more. This is ideal for raffle events close to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

raffle basket ideas

The Decadent Godiva Chocolate Basket is a chocolate lover’s dream. It contains milk chocolate, truffles, dark chocolate, cocoa, premium roasted coffee and more. This is a chocolate bonanza and will keep the recipient happy during the holiday season.


What Are Good Basket Ideas?

Gift Baskets are great because you include several items within a single basket. Your baskets can have a theme. For example:

  • Gourmet gift baskets
  • Chocolate gift baskets
  • Cookie gift baskets
  • Spa gift baskets

As long as the items within the basket are quality, many people will want to participate in the raffle.

Electronics. Consider items like an Amazon Echo or Kindle. Tablets. Smartphones. We live in a time where technology is king, so if you can offer quality electronic devices, your raffle will be quite active.

Travel. Excite participants with a cruise trip, a resort stay, or airline tickets. People love to travel, but their biggest setback is the costs associated with it. If you can offer a really cool travel experience, your raffle will be a big deal.

Candy. Whether it’s artisan chocolate bars or simple treats like Reese’s butter cups and Twix, candy is a hit at raffles. This is especially true if you have a younger audience, or you’re hosting a school raffle event.

Spa materials. Who can say no to some R&R in the comfort of one’s own home? Items like shower gel, bath bombs, and body cream are ideal for a raffle.

Alcohol. It could be a bottle of Merlot, a pack of craft beer, or a bottle of champagne. Alcohol will definitely be a quality prize.

Toys and games. This applies if your hosting a raffle for children. What child wouldn’t want some new toys and games to play with?

Indulgent food. Consider items like artisanal meats and cheeses.

Sports tickets. Some tickets to a local pro sports game can be a gift prize.

Concert tickets. There’s likely some type of music concert or event that’s coming to your local area.

Why Choose Gift Baskets for Your Raffle

Unlike other gifts, raffle basket ideas are awesome prizes. A gift basket will have a number of different items that fit a particular theme. Chocolate gift baskets, for example, often contain over a dozen different chocolate items. The same goes for spa baskets, wine baskets, etc. Every basket in our store features aesthetically pleasing collections that contain a wide variety of items. Your raffle participants will be happy to receive a basket.

Many raffles settle for a gift card as prizes. While this can be cool, gift baskets are often more impressive. When you purchase a gift basket from our store, you’ll be receiving a basket that stylishly arranged and is filled with quality items.

Whether it’s for a fundraiser, a competition, or a simple game night among friends, take your raffle to the next level with a gift basket from our selection.

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