Ghirardelli Baskets

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Offering gourmet delights from one of the highest quality chocolatiers in the world, our Ghirardelli baskets feature irresistible chocolate candies that any chocolate lover would love. Whether your looking to send chocolate for Valentine's Day, a birthday, an anniversary, or just to make someone you know feel extra special, a Ghirardelli basket is the perfect choice. Our Ghirardelli baskets pair this exquisite chocolate with other popular treats, snacks, stuffed animals, fine wine or champagne.

In 1849, during the California Gold Rush, Italian-born Domingo Ghirardelli moved to America and opened a store in a mining camp. After discovering the miners were starved for luxuries and needed something to spend their gold dust on, he starting stocking chocolate delicacies. In 1852, the enterprising immigrant founded a confectionery shop in San Francisco, which eventually became the modern-day Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.
Today, we are America’s oldest continuously operating chocolate maker. Our products are sold in stores everywhere and online, and we also have our own chocolate and ice cream shops across the country. We continue to build on our rich tradition of quality products and innovation, from the launch of our now-famous filled SQUARES in the late 1990s to the 2014 debut of minis chocolates, a shareable, on-the-go treat.

We are one of very few American manufacturers that make chocolate starting from the cocoa bean through to finished products. Throughout the process, we take special steps to ensure that our premium chocolate delivers our signature intense, smooth-melting chocolate taste.


We roast the heart of the cacao bean, called the nib, rather than the whole bean, resulting in a more consistent flavor compared to other brands.
Our unique process for robust flavor.

After the cocoa beans are carefully selected, they pass through a bean-cleaning machine that removes extraneous materials. Then, unlike many other chocolate makers, we use a process that involves roasting the nib, or inside part of the cocoa bean, and results in a more robust chocolate flavor. When making an intense, bittersweet chocolate, we roast the nibs at a high temperature for a long time. For milder, milk chocolate, we roast for a shorter time at a lower temperature in order to retain the mildness and fruitiness of the cocoa itself.

Our crucial step for ultra smooth chocolate.
Our next step involves mixing in ingredients such as chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter and milk powder to create a paste. We use a set of rollers called chocolate refiners to crush the paste into flakes. This step is crucial in determining how smooth chocolate is when eaten. We refine many of our chocolates to 19 microns (1 micron is one-thousandth of a millimeter), which produces an extremely smooth texture with no grittiness. Some other companies only refine their chocolates to 50 microns.


The duration of conching and the state-of-the-art machinery we use make critical contributions to a rich, perfectly balanced flavor.
Our time consuming process for the best flavor.

Our last key step is conching, an intensive mixing and flavor development process during which “conches,” machines with large paddles, sweep back and forth through the refined chocolate for anywhere from a few hours to several days. Conching reduces moisture, eliminates any undesirable flavors and coats each particle of chocolate with a layer of cocoa butter. Making high-quality chocolate like ours requires a longer conching time, and you can taste the delicious results: premium chocolate that is velvety smooth and well-balanced in flavor.