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Gift Basket Ideas For Silent Auctions 

Easy Like Sunday Morning Brunch Gift Basket

For your silent auction event, you need prizes that will help to drive funds. A creative, well-designed gift basket can be everything you need to extract higher profits for your auction. 

To have a wildly successful silent auction, offering gift baskets can be a strong incentive to push higher bids. Let’s look at a few amazing gift basket ideas to help you raise money for your silent auction. 

1. Gourmet Food Gifts

Tasteful Greetings Gift Basket

To drive high bids, it’ll help to have enticing gift baskets with items participants love. Tasteful Greetings is a stunning assembly of gourmet treats like cheese, fudge, licorice petites, artisan crackers, and more. This basket can make all the difference for your charity event, and it’ll help raise the money your organization needs. 

The Ultimate Entertaining Gourmet Gift Basket

The Ultimate Entertaining Gourmet Gift Basket the idyllic collection of luxury. This box is impressively stuffed with summer sausage, caviar, cheese, artisan crackers, dried fruits and nuts, and other delectable treats. Ideal for a variety of situations and occasions, this is a quality gift that will surely drive high bids. 


2. Chocolate Gift Baskets 

Deluxe Chocolate Covered Treats Gift Basket

The sumptuous taste of chocolate will be hard to resist for your participants. The Deluxe Chocolate Covered Treats Gift Basket is the epitome of chocolatey decadence. This set is an assortment of goodies from the premium chocolatier, Chocolate Works, including chocolate covered pretzels, Oreos, graham crackers, and delectable truffles. Who wouldn’t want to bid on this indulgent basket?

Only the Best Chocolates Gift Basket

Who can resist the temptation of chocolate? Only the Best Chocolates Gift Basket has everything you want and more— an assortment of premium Godiva treats is sure to impress.  This is the right type of high-end gift for your auction, and it’ll definitely help you raise funds. 


3. Luxury Spa Baskets 

Roses and Relaxation Luxury Spa Gift Set

Who doesn’t love to feel pampered? A luxury spa collection like our Roses and Relaxation Luxury Spa Gift Set can give someone the R&R they need. This set is filled with heavenly scented shower gels, sugar scrubs, and body creams— offering the perfect at-home spa experience. 

A basket that is sure to be well-received by your auction’s bidders. 

Stress Free Spa Treatment Gift Basket

The Stress-Free Spa Treatment will convert your home to a luxurious spa. Bath salts, body spray, bath bombs, and more fill out this luscious collection of spa items, giving everything one would need to unwind in the comfort of their own home. Spa baskets are simple and inviting and can be a smart choice for your silent auction. 


4. Unique Gift Sets 

Sip Sip Hooray Gift Set

Think outside the box and offer gift sets that will grab the attention of your participants. Gifts like Sip Sip Hooray fits the bill perfectly, giving everything you’ll need to make wine from their own home. Including a growler, thermometer, and sanitizer packet, you can create your own delicious vino. Who bids for this basket will be incredibly pleased and amused. 

Easy Like Sunday Morning Brunch Gift Basket

The Easy Like Sunday Morning Brunch Gift Basket is the perfect segue into a relaxing, lazy morning. Made for brunch in bed, this basket contains delectable treats like wafer cookies, summer sausage, wine biscuits, and much more. Premium bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot highlight this amazing collection. 


5. Fun Gift Sets 

De Los Muertos Cocktail Hour Gift Set

Our De Los Muertos Cocktail Hour Gift Set is the perfect way to kick off a celebration. A skull-shaped decanter along with skull-shaped shot glasses make this gift a conversation starter. Combine that with a bottle of Orange Clove cocktail mixer, and you’re sure to have a fun night with your friends. 

Hooray for Beer Gift Set

The Hooray for Beer Gift Set is as fun as you’d expect. Featuring beer glasses, custom coasters and containers, and a cool wooden beer carrier, you’ll have everything you need to carry your favorite brews. 


Benefits of Gift Baskets for Your Silent Auction

Gift baskets are perceived to be of high value. For your auction, your mission is to generate as much revenue as possible. Quality gift baskets will help you do just that. Your items must interest your donors. It helps if your items are exciting. In our store, you’ll find plenty of amazing baskets that will delight and amaze your donors. This will incentivize them to place higher bids. 

Items like wine and chocolate baskets will hold the attention of your donors. You won’t struggle to procure bids; they’ll come easily. At your auction, your items do the heavy lifting and will make it easier for you to generate revenue. With gift baskets, you can provide items that will interest your donors. 

Aside from a silent auction, you can even use gift baskets for a penny sale. A penny sale is similar to a silent auction, but a raffle system is used instead of a bidding system. Rather than directly bidding on the item, donors will place in their desired number of purchased raffle tickets into a bowl. At the end of the night, a ticket for that item is taken out of the bowl, which selects the winner. In this situation, gift baskets can also generate high raffle ticket purchases, which is exactly what you want. 

Whether you’re hosting a silent auction, a raffle-based penny sale, or a simple fundraising night, quality gift baskets from our store can make it a smashing event. 

Best of all, you can quickly and easily find amazing gift baskets for this event. From incredible wine and cheese baskets to relaxing luxury spa collections, a high-quality gift is only a few clicks away. With a wide catalog of quality baskets and fast delivery, you are able to stock your event with enticing items that will drive high bids. 

At, you can easily find items that generate buzz for your event. Putting on a silent auction can be a bit stressful. Why not make things easier by selecting excellent gift baskets that are already designed and arranged. These baskets are made to be loved, and will help to make your event perform successfully. 

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