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Gift Basket Ideas for Police Officers

Hooray for Beer Gift Set

Police officers are often unsung heroes. Every day there are police officers who selflessly risk their lives to protect and serve. They could use a little show of support and appreciation with a quality gift. It’s a gesture that can really show them how important they are to the community. 

That said, finding an awesome and appropriate gift is much easier said than done. Ideally, you want to give something that shows your respect, while also being something the officer will like and appreciate. In reality, there’s no telling how the officer will appreciate the gift. 

At, we have just what you need. Today we’re going to make your gift hunt as easy as possible by listing incredible gift basket ideas for police officers. Whether it’s for the holiday season, a birthday, a promotion, retirement, or just to say “Thanks”, the perfect gift is a few clicks away. 

1. Coffee Gift Baskets 

Coffee Lovers Delight Tower

Police officers run on coffee (especially the ones who work late hours), so our Coffee Lovers Delight Tower will be greatly appreciated. Featuring various brands of ground coffee, biscotti, a Starbucks coffee mug, and more, this will surely keep the officer awake in the early hours. 

2. Beer Gift Baskets 

Hooray for Beer Gift Set

A cold brew after a long day at work is just what your officer needs. Consider giving our Hooray for Beer Gift Set— an incredible package that’s the ideal companion to a few cold ones. A tasty beer mustard kit, stout and pilsner flavored craft beer pretzels, and two classic pint glasses make this gift set exceptionally special. 

Football Party Gift Set

Along the same lines is our Football Party Gift Set. Designed to be enjoyed in front of the big game, this set includes a football shot game, beer glasses, a beer opener, and a fun football game set. If the officer loves to watch the game on Sundays, this is a fantastic gift. 

3. Whiskey Gift Baskets 

Mens Whiskey Night Gift Set

Capping a long day on patrol with a glass of whiskey served neat or on the rocks is something most police officers appreciate. Give it to them with our Men’s Whisky Night Gift Set. A stylish liquor decanter provides awesome aeration. Two classic highball glasses offer sophistication. The marble whiskey cooler stones will chill the drink without watering it down. Perfect for the busy officer who loves a drink after work, or even as a retirement gift for a tenured officer. 

4. Spa Gift Baskets

The Sophisticated Man Grooming Spa Set

Policing the streets can be both mentally and physically exhausting, so he’ll appreciate The Sophisticated Man Grooming Spa Set. Sandalwood-scented bar soap and shampoo, Earl Gray Tea bath soap, a black pepper candle, and a wood brush will help him get some much needed R&R in the comfort of his own home. This is a unique gift, and he’ll be grateful to have it. 

Lavender with Love Spa Gift Set

For the female officer, we have the Lavender with Love Spa Gift Set. She’ll be happy to lather up with these lavender-scented bath products— especially after a long day on patrol. Featuring lavender soap, bath soak, and candle, this is a memorable gift that she won’t hesitate to use. 

5. Gourmet Gift Baskets 

Life of Luxury Snack Gift Basket

What police officer can resist a basket full of delectable goodies? Our Life of Luxury Snack Gift Basket is stacked with sweet treats like Lindor truffles, Ghirardelli chocolate bars, hot cocoa mix, cashew roca, and so much more. What a decadent way to show your appreciation.

The Elite Snacking Collection

Perfect for the holiday season, the Elite Snacking Collection has everything a snack lover needs. Cashews, almonds, orange cookies, butter shortbread cookies, and more make this a tasty, awesome gift package.   

Tips on Finding The Perfect Gift for Police Officers 

Being a police officer is often a thankless job. Long hours and dangerous circumstances can make it tough, so it’s important that we shower our friends in blue with some support and admiration. 

Gift shopping for police officers can be challenging. Who’s to say that your gift will be liked and appreciated? How can you find a gift that accurately demonstrates your appreciation, while also being something the officer will like? If you’ve ever shopped for a police officer before, you know that these aren’t easy questions, but at, we wanted simple answers. 

Our gift makers have designed and arranged hundreds of incredible gift baskets that can be used in a spectrum of occasions. So, whether there’s a police officer in your neighborhood that you’ve noticed is doing excellent work, or you have an officer in your family that’s recently been promoted, we can supply the perfect gift. 

Police officers often feel overworked, so give a gift that will help them slow down and decompress. Perhaps a gift filled with their favorite sugary treats, or a luxurious spa basket can help them unwind. 

If you’re absolutely stumped on what to give, the best thing you can do is simply ask about the officer about their needs and interests. This takes out the guesswork and almost guarantees that they’ll like and appreciate the gift. 

Giving a quality gift basket is something that will always be remembered by the officer. Establishing a healthy relationship with your local police force can yield such positive benefits. 

Why Choose 

The struggle of finding the perfect gift is eliminated when you shop with us. Instead of settling for a weak, boring gift, you can give your officer an exciting gift that will actually be put to use. 

Our wide catalog of gift baskets will facilitate your gift hunt. From indulgent chocolate baskets to health-focused fruit collections, we have you covered. 

You can personalize any gift. Add a handwritten note to make your gift all the more special. You can even build your own gift with our custom basket builder. 

Deliver your gift in no time. Need an amazing gift, fast? Our speedy delivery options will have your gift at your recipient’s door in the blink of an eye. 

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t need to be a headache. When you shop with, it’s a pleasure. Demonstrate your admiration and respect for police officers with our quality gift baskets. 

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