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Gift Basket Ideas For New Mom

gift basket ideas for new mom

Being a new mom is an exciting, albeit chaotic, experience. The responsibilities of being a mother and taking care of another person can all be a bit overwhelming. A great gift to give is something that’s thoughtful and practical. Something that will help her be a great mother. Something that can help her feel pampered works, too. Here are some fantastic gift basket ideas for new mom.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day and you need a great gift, or the baby was recently born and you need a last-minute gift, a gift basket can be an excellent choice.

You can choose from our selection of pre-made baskets, or you can build your own basket filled with items you know the new mom will adore. From delicious gourmet foods to baskets filled with newborn baby products, we have you covered.

We’re going to give you some amazing tips that will definitely delight the new mommy in your life.


What Do You Get a New Mom After Birth?

Trust us, the answer to this question isn’t always easy. The new mother is likely feeling some relief after childbirth, but they are possibly stressed out, too. A new mother is likely obsessed with her child, but hasn’t had time to devote to herself. Knowing this, shower her with a gift that she can enjoy on her own time.

only the best chocolates gift basket

Having a newborn baby is a cause for celebration, so she’ll be ecstatic to receive our Only the Best Chocolates Gift Basket. Filled with Godiva chocolate and premium champagne, this basket is perfect for the busy mom who needs some time to herself.


What Do New Moms Need?

gift basket ideas for new mom

Every new mom will be grateful to receive supplies, clothing, or toys for their newborn baby. This is a simple gift that is super practical, especially if she really needs this type of gift. For example, our Mommy & Baby Bath Gift Basket contains some awesome bath products for the mother and child. Coming with a body scrub, lotion, shower gel, loofah, slippers, yellow duckies, a cute teddy bear, and more, she’ll adore you for this thoughtful and useful gift.

new baby gift basket

Another good choice is the Oh Baby! Welcome Baby Gift Basket. Perfect for a newborn boy or girl, this basket includes a teddy bear, baby wrap, shawl, clothes, and more. This is an adorable gift that the new mom will be happy to receive.


Gift Ideas For a New Mom In The Hospital

deliciously decadent chocolate gift basket

If the mother is still in the hospital, you can still give an awesome gift that she can use. If the hospital allows it, give her something she can snack on (hospital food leaves much to be desired). For example, our Deliciously Decadent Chocolate Gift Basket is full of delectable goodies like chocolate truffles, wafer rolls, popcorn, chocolate bars, cookies, and so much more. Her taste buds will be singing with joy as she dives into this generous gift basket. What a reward for being a new mom!

calm seas spa basket

Because she’s in the hospital, she may be lacking certain things, like basic toiletries (soap, lotion, etc.). Give her the Calm Seas Spa Gift Set, which is composed of ocean-scented shower gel, bubble bath, and body lotion. It also includes a loofah, a wooden brush, a pumice stone, foot file, and a sisal bath belt. This gift is great if you know she needs certain bath products. She’ll feel loved and pampered as she recovers.


Gift Basket Ideas For New Mom Needing To Relax

coconut coma relaxing spa gift basket

The life of a new mom is hectic, to say the least. She’s dealing with the newfound responsibility of being a mother, and there’s so much on her plate. Help her unwind with a quality gift basket. You can opt for a luxury spa basket like our Coconut Coma Relaxing Spa Gift Set. The intoxicating aroma of coconuts characterizes this stunning arrangement. She’ll be happy to run a bath with the Coconut Exfoliating Bath Cubes. Next, she’ll lavish her skin with the Earth Harbors Naturals Coconut Charcoal Facial Soap. The detox mask will cleanse her pores, leaving her with a radiant glow. This is the gift she needs if she’s feeling a bit overwhelmed with her mommy duties.


Gifts Basket Ideas for New Moms Only

The right gift can really help a new mother. Whether it’s to help her with baby supplies or to help her indulge in her own free time, a good gift basket can always be a great gift.

Build your own basket. Instead of buying a pre-made basket, you can build a custom basket that’s filled with items you know the mom will appreciate. If you want to add wine and chocolate to a basket of spa products, you have the liberty to do so.

Get her out of the house. With the new baby, she’s going to be stressed. She won’t devote time to herself. So, give her something that will get her out of the house. Take her to a show or event. Buy a local yoga class. Take her to dinner. These gifts are necessary and are super helpful for a new mom.

Help her with responsibilities. It’s easy to get overwhelmed as a new mom. She has to care for the baby, take care of the house, and handle her own personal responsibilities. Give her some respite by helping her run errands, watching the baby, cooking for her. This is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. It’s likely that many of her friends and family are leaving her alone to do all these things herself; if you can take some of these responsibilities off her plate, she’ll definitely appreciate it.

Take these ideas and give her a gift that will make her life easier.

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