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Gift Basket Ideas for Mom

Cheerful Cherry Blossom Luxury Spa Gift Basket

Looking for great gift basket ideas for mom? Mother’s Day is approaching, or you want to spontaneously demonstrate your love, a quality gift basket is a smart choice for a gift. 

From beautiful anniversary baskets for her special day, chocolate gift baskets or luxurious bed and bath collections that set up a memorable at-home spa experience, you can have the perfect gift for the beloved mother in your life. 

Whether the gift is for your own mom or for a friend or family member who’s a mother, we have you covered with unforgettable gift baskets. 

1. Luxury Spa Baskets 

Bubbles in Paradise Coconut Spa Gift Set

Moms get stressed out, so why not help her unwind with our Bubbles in Paradise Coconut Spa Gift Basket. Coconut-scented shower gel, sugar scrub, and lotion characterize this amazing basket. She’ll be floored by the thoughtfulness of this gift. 

Cheerful Cherry Blossom Luxury Spa Gift Set

When you need a premium gift to put a smile on her face, our Cheerful Cherry Blossom Luxury Spa Gift Basket will do the trick. The bath products in this basket smell like a field full of cherry blossoms, and she’ll be able to easily calm her mind and body with this set of shower gel, body scrub, and body cream. What a vibrant demonstration of your love. 

Spa baskets are great gift basket ideas for mom to give her the R&R she deserves. 


2. Gourmet Gift Baskets 

A World of Thanks Gift Basket

Who can resist delicious delicacies? A World of Thanks is aptly named, as it’s filled with tasty items that represent the quality of your love. It’s an impressive assembly of smoked almonds, licorice petites, water crackers, wafer cookies, salted caramel cookies, and much more. Your mom will be in bliss as she bites into this incredible collection of delectable goodies. 

Delicious Dreams of Chocolate Gift Basket

Does chocolate make her happy? Why not give her exactly what she wants with our decadent Delicious Dreams of Chocolate Gift Basket. A collection of the legendary chocolatier’s finest bites, including truffles, caramels, chocolate-covered pretzels, and so much more. If she has a sweet tooth, this is definitely the gift to give. 

Gourmet food will be appreciated by any mom, so you won’t go wrong with this type of gift basket. 


3. Gift Baskets for New Mothers

Sweet Serenity Gift Set

Is there a woman in your life with a newborn baby? If so, these gift ideas will help her celebrate the accomplishment of being a new mother. Take our Sweet Serenity Gift Set— a stylish collection of Swedish gummies, a rose-scented candle, and elegant mini bar soap. Packaged beautifully in a vibrant and floral arrangement, she’ll be amazed by this thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. 

Unplug and Unwind Relaxation Spa Gift Set

Our Unplug and Unwind Relaxation Spa Gift Set is the ideal household gift. A comfy eye pillow, a fragrant candle, a sparkling bath tablet, and an at-home lavender growth kit provide much-needed peace of mind to the new mom. She’ll be able to close her eyes, inhale the lovely scent of her bergamot-scented candle, and relax in a foaming bath. This is an amazing gift she won’t soon forget. 

Whether she’s a new mom or a mother-to-be, show her some support with a thoughtful, creative gift set. 


4. Sweet Gift Basket Ideas for Mom

Pick and Chews Deluxe Cookie Gift Basket

Our Pick and Chews Deluxe Cookie Gift Basket was unabashedly made for cookie lovers. Sumptuous treats like chocolate rolled wafers, shortbread cookies, salted caramel almond crisps, red velvet cookies, a premium bottle of Merlot, and so much more make this an incredibly exciting gift basket. What better way to say “I love you, Mom” than with this stunning assembly of tasty cookies and amazing wine?

The Lavish Treats Gift Basket

Baskets like The Lavish Treats Gift Basket are made for those who enjoy the finer things in life. A diverse collection of chocolate, cheese, truffles, pretzels, chips, and more fill this tasty basket. Perfect for Mother’s Day, or for no major occasion at all, this basket will surely please the mom in your life.


5. Build Your Own Gift Basket

You know your mom best, so why not create your own basket with our basket builder. You can place the exact type of items you know she’ll love within your custom basket. You can select the contents— for example, if you want to mix Ghirardelli chocolate with gourmet tea, you can easily do so. 

You can also add your own customized message to the gift. This will really demonstrate that your gift is from the heart. 


Why You Should Give Mom a Gift Basket 

Gift baskets are versatile gifts that can be used in a variety of situations. With a wide roster of quality gift baskets, finding the perfect gift is incredibly simple. Perhaps your mom loves wine and cheese, or maybe she’s fond of chocolate and champagne. Whatever she loves, it’s available in our store— making it ridiculously easy to find the perfect gift for her. 

Gift baskets carry several gifts in a single basket. When you purchase a quality gift basket, you’re buying multiple gifts in one package, which is economical and convenient. Many of the baskets in our store are impressively arranged with a variety of items that will impress the recipient. 

Moms love our baskets. Our baskets are filled to the brim with items mothers love. A gift basket can be a personal, thoughtful gift. This is especially true if you add a personalized note to the gift or add custom build your own gift basket. And not only will she love what’s inside the basket, she’ll likely keep and reuse the basket itself as a decorative piece for her home or to store household items. 

If you need to show mom show how much you appreciate her, then a gift basket from our store is the ideal choice. You can have a gamut of excellent gift baskets, excellent customization options, and speedy delivery. Finding the right gift can be a conundrum, but when you shop with us, you won’t struggle to find something she’ll adore. 

Whether Mother’s Day is approaching quickly, or you want to spontaneously give thanks to your mom, you can send the perfect gift— even if you’re thousands of miles away. Give mom the love and attention she deserves with an incredible gift from 

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