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Gift Basket Ideas For Fundraisers 

Peace, Love, and Cookies Gift Tin

If you’re going to host a fundraiser or an auction event, it’d be a good idea to have items or gifts that will interest your donors. A gift basket is a timeless, perfect offering to those who contribute, and it’ll make your fundraising event all the more special. 

Instead of creating your own gift basket from scratch, you can choose from our ample selection of perfectly arranged gift baskets. This will make the process of finding the right gift basket as easy as possible, and you’ll ensure that the recipient will appreciate the item’s quality. 

Let’s look at a few amazing gift basket ideas for fundraisers. 

1. Chocolate Gift Baskets

Delicious Dreams of Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolate gift baskets are a hit, so the Delicious Dreams of Chocolate Gift Basket will be sure to please. Geared for those who have an insatiable sweet tooth, this basket features a bounty of chocolatey goodness, including chocolate-covered pretzels and almonds, raspberry truffles, mint chocolate pearls, and so much more. 

Greatest Pleasures Chocolate Gift Basket

The Greatest Pleasures Chocolate Gift Basket is everything you’ll need. An amazing assortment of chocolate treats will be sure to delight the tastebuds! A variety of high-end chocolates from premier chocolatiers.

Chocolate is adored by many, so you likely won’t go wrong with a chocolate gift basket from our selection. 

2. Luxury Spa Gift Baskets 

The Essentials Home Spa Basket

Spa gift baskets are highly appreciated for fundraisers, especially is occurring near Mother’s Day or another holiday. The Essentials Home Spa Basket is made to make any woman feel loved and pampered. Featuring lush vanilla-scented products, comfy slippers, and more she’ll feel amazing as she enjoys the spoils in this collection. 

The Man Can

The Man Can Gift Set will leave any man feeling special. It includes a sponge loofah, soap scrub, hand butter, and more. Packaged in a fun 1-gallon paint tin, the recipient will feel utterly impressed. 

Spa baskets are a go-to for fundraising events because almost anyone loves luxurious toiletries and spa products. 

3. Gourmet Gift Baskets 

A Day at The Vineyard Gift Basket

Decadence is a gift that’s always well-received. A Day at The Vineyard Gift Basket is the embodiment of decadence and luxury. A premium bottle of Cabernet, wine-flavored cheese, smoked almonds, caramels, and more fill this basket. This will be highly favored by the recipient, and will definitely help you raise funds. 

Big Game Day Basket

The Big Game Day Gift Basket will surely help those who have the munchies while they watch their favorite team play. Chocolate, beef jerky, pretzels, cheddar, smoked almonds, and so much more fill this box. Perfect for big events like Super Bowl Sunday or even a simple movie night. As you raise money, this can be a great prize. 

4. Sweet Gift Baskets 

Peace, Love, and Cookies Gift Tin

Who doesn’t love the taste of melt-in-your-mouth cookies? Peace, Love, and Cookies Gift Tin will be a hit at your fundraiser; it’s the ideal auction item or raffle prize. An inspirational tin is filled to the brim with fresh, soft-baked cookies. 

Unlimited Sweets Snack Gift Tower

The Unlimited Sweets Snack Gift Tower certainly lives up to its name. Towering with world-favorite treats like Kit Kat bars, Funky Chunky Popcorn, Brix Chocolates, Lindor Truffles, and more, this is collection tastes as impressive as it looks. 

5. Healthy Gift Baskets 

Kosher Certified Deluxe Display of Dried Fruits and Nuts Gift Box

Fruit and nuts can be an excellent offering for your fundraiser event. Our Kosher Certified Deluxe Display of Dried Fruit and Nuts Gift Box is an elegant collection of healthy goodies. You’ll be wowed with dried mango, figs, dates, apricots, pears, plums, raisins, pistachios, and almonds. This is a centerpiece for your fundraiser that will be adored by its recipient. 

Happy Healthy and Delicious Fruit Gift Basket

The Happy, Healthy, and Delicious Gift Basket is aptly named. An attractive woven basket carries kosher apples, pears, oranges, and grapefruit. Fruit is the essence of life, and you can’t go wrong with a beautifully arranged fruit basket. 

Why You Should Use for Your Fundraiser Event 

Gift baskets are common in fundraisers and auctions, but they’re also often an afterthought— especially when pitted against other prizes and incentives. While you could elect to create your own gift baskets from scratch, they may not be a hit among your donors and contributors.

When you select gift baskets from our store, you’re making a wise decision. Our baskets are all expertly designed and arranged. They’re filled only with the highest quality products and materials. They’re made to please. And for your fundraiser event, they’ll help to drive up financial contributions. 

Our gift baskets are an excellent fundraising tool. With our impressively designed baskets, donors will feel like they’re winning a trophy, and they wouldn’t be wrong. With well-designed and constructed baskets, your prizes will have a high-perceived. Every basket in our store features aesthetically pleasing collections that contain a wide variety of items. Your contributors will be proud to receive a basket. 

Gift baskets are perceived to be high effort offerings. While some fundraisers opt for something as easy as gift cards, it can be a poor choice. Gift cards, though they can be appreciated in some instances, are seen as low effort, last-minute gifts. A gift basket filled with someone’s favorite items, like chocolate, cheese, or wine, offers a much better incentive for a fundraiser. You’ll have a much easier time raising funds if your contributors are going to win quality gift baskets from our store. 

Gift baskets are easy to purchase. It takes the same amount of effort and time to order a gift basket as it does to order a gift card. So, why give a gift card that won’t be appreciated? Give gift baskets to really help your fundraiser drive funds, satisfy contributors and participants, and make for a more fun event. 

Buying the perfect gift basket is incredibly simple at You’re super busy with your fundraiser event, so you don’t need to make things more difficult than it needs to be. Browse our catalog, check out our different categories, find things you believe are appropriate for your event. You have everything thing you need to make your fundraiser a smash. Check out our selection of gift baskets today. 

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