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Couples Gift Basket Ideas

De Los Muertos Cocktail Hour Gift Basket F

Finding the best couples gift basket ideas can be challenging. You’re shopping for two people, and there’s no telling how both partners will react to the gift. The last thing you’d want to give a total dud especially if the gift is for a major occasion (like a wedding). 

At, we make the shopping process a breeze. Instead of struggling to find the perfect gift, you can deliver a gift basket that both partners will adore. 

Whether you need a gift to celebrate your significant other, or you’re looking for a gift for a couple you know in your life, you may be running a bit dry on gift ideas. Awesome gifts are not always easy to come by, so check out these amazing couples gift basket ideas. 

1. Cocktail Gifts – Couples Gift Basket Ideas

De Los Muertos Cocktail Hour Gift Basket

Nothing says a good time like a few delicious cocktails. Give your favorite duo an amazing gift like our De Los Muertos Cocktail Hour Gift Set. A skull-shaped decanter offers perfect aeration and stands as an attention-grabbing decorative piece. Skull-shaped shot glasses are charming and amusing. The Orange Clover Mixer will make their taste buds rejoice. This gift is something your favorite couple will appreciate. 


This Calls for Cocktails Gift Basket BThis Calls for Cocktails is in a class of its own. Two classic rocks glasses, visually distinctive wooden coasters and a striking cucumber jalapeno mixer offers the complete cocktail package. Your couple will enjoy this gift to no end. 

2. Housewarming Gift Baskets

Purify the Home Housewarming Gift BasketWhether they’re moving into a new home, or you simply want to give them an excellent household gift, our Purify the Home Housewarming Gift Set does the job perfectly. White sage, a striking wooden bowl, matches made in-house make this a unique and special gift.

Home Sweet Home Housewarming Gift BasketThe Home Sweet Home Housewarming Gift Basket made for a lovely couple moving into their dream home. Filled with savory snacks and treats, this gift doubles as an adorable decoration that can be displayed for years to come. It’s the perfect gift for any family, friends or coworkers moving into a new home or apartment!

3. Spa Gift Baskets

Calm Seas Spa BasketA luxury spa basket for your favorite couple can be an amazing gift. Take the Calm Seas Spa Gift Set, an extravagant arrangement consisting of spa materials, exquisitely scented bath products, bath sales, lotion, scrubs and more. They’ll enjoy this generous basket as they unwind and enjoy each other’s company.


4. Gourmet Gift Baskets 

Pick and Chews Deluxe Cookie Gift BasketWho can resist the taste of amazing gourmet food? Couples adore our Pick and Chews Deluxe Cookie Gift Basket. A stunning array of sweet treats fills this collection, and it includes chocolate caramel salted cookies, wafers, cream puffs, shortbread, and so much more. A premium bottle of Merlot adds the finishing touch, and it’ll be happily shared between the couple. 

The Vineyard Retreat Gift BasketThe Vineyard Retreat feels like a date night in wine country. Smoke salmon combined with cheese straws, smoked almonds, wine biscuits, bruschetta, and dark chocolate. Ideal as a holiday gift or even as a wedding present. 


5. Chocolate Gift Baskets 

Nothing says love like a box of chocolates, so our The Decadent Godiva Chocolate Basket is the ideal gift for a couple in-love. A mouthwatering lineup of Godiva chocolates includes truffles, milk chocolate, fudge, and more. Packaged charmingly in a treasure chest, this gift will be loved by its recipients. 

Greatest Pleasures Wine & Chocolate Gift BasketOur Greatest Pleasures Chocolate Gift Basket is designed to be shared. An impressive array of decadent chocolate from Lindt, Ghirardelli, Asher’s, and more, make this basket a special treat. Completed with an array of sweet and salty snacks, your couple will be giddy upon receiving this generous gift. 


Tips on Giving Amazing Gifts for Couples 

Find gifts that can be shared between partners. Whether the gift is for your own anniversary or for another couple, giving a gift that can be shared by both partners is much better than a gift that’s only meant for one person. 

Find gifts that are fun. Exciting gifts are easily remembered; safe, humdrum gifts aren’t. If your couple loves alcohol, there are plenty of amazing cocktail-focused gifts in our store. Give something that the couple will be able to use to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. 

Find gifts that are useful. If you’re stumped on the right type of gift to give, you won’t go wrong by giving something the couple needs. For example,  perhaps they just purchased a barbeque grill, so the Pit Boss BBQ Gift Set can really serve a purpose. 


Benefits of Choosing  

Gift baskets can be used for a multitude of occasions. If you’re stumped on what to give your significant other, for example, a gift basket from our store is a smart choice. With hundreds of incredible gift packages, you can always find the perfect gift. 

Gift baskets are the ideal last-minute gift. Are you running behind on your shopping? Perhaps a wedding is coming up, and you need to give the newlywed couple an amazing gift. Our gift baskets are the answer, as they can be delivered directly to the recipient’s door in very little time. When you need a quality gift delivered quickly, there’s no better option. 

Gift baskets are high value, but they require little effort. Are you breaking a sweat as you look for an awesome gift? With a quality gift basket, the heavy work is already done. You won’t need to look far for an ideal gift; spend a few minutes on our site and you’ll likely find the gift you need. 

Finding the perfect gift for the couple in your life is much easier said than done. Many of the gifts you’ll find when shopping online can be a bit tacky, and the last thing you want is to give a gift that won’t be used or appreciated by its recipients. By choosing, you can easily find a gift that both partners will enjoy. Whether it’s a delicious basket of cookies or a sophisticated collection of champagne and spa products, we have just the gift basket you need. 

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