Unique Ideas for Easter Baskets

Basket full of Easter eggs

With the Easter holiday approaching, it's time to start preparing for some family fun and memories. Every year, we spend $2.49 billion on Easter candy, and a week later, it's all gone.

Well, if you want to make your Easter special, then change up your traditional basket this year and offer your children something they can keep! Let's talk about how to make your 2022 Easter baskets unforgettable!

Choose Your Goodies

Choose the types of goodies you know your kids love. Only a decade ago, the classic basket would include a DVD and movie snacks, but with online streaming services, our movie baskets have evolved!

Also, you can choose to offer one larger treat surrounded by smaller ones. Like an iTunes gift card for that game that they love surrounded by treats shaped like their favorite characters.

Of course, that's only one example. There are plenty of great Easter gifts to choose from, and you know your child better than anybody else!

While it's still cold enough, offer an Easter-themed mug and make some delicious hot chocolate for some family fun. Try offering a new hobby or skill like knitting needles, sporting equipment, paint, or anything else they can have fun and learn with. Your options are endless!

Dress Your Easter Baskets Up

There are plenty of great Easter ideas to help improve the look of your baskets. Adding colored or themed tissue paper to match the theme, bunny ears on top, or a painted basket can really help make memories. 

Adding something like bunny ears, decorations, or Easter-themed toys will allow you can keep them in your Easter box so your child can wear them during future Easter celebrations!

If you want, you can choose a theme related to something your child loves.

Does your child love a certain movie, pop star, YouTuber, popular kid's show, or anything else? If so, there are tons of options to create a theme based around that, but it's entirely dependent on what they like.

Even going with their favorite color scheme (the pastel version, of course) is a great way to make their Easter baskets extra special.

Let's be honest, Easter is all about candy in their eyes, so why not double down on it? If your child loves one type of candy the most, there are jumbo-sized versions of those to put on the center display.

For example, a large Reese's candy egg in the center surrounded by smaller ones might be a crowd pleaser! Alternatively, you can make the basket out of movie theater candy boxes by gluing them together at the corners.

For older kids, maybe they love spicy treats, so you can get different hot sauces and snacks like Takis. Whatever they love!

Make Your Little Ones Smile

Whether they're still little ones or not-so-little ones, you can still make their Easter baskets extra special this year!  It doesn't have to be too complicated, so make something you think they'll love!

Stay up to date with our latest tips and check out some of our most popular Easter baskets today, and enjoy your Easter weekend!

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