Unique Gift Ideas for Sisters for Special Occasions

Choosing gifts can be tricky. There are so many options out there it's not always easy to see what the right one is. And this is never as true as when we talk about gifts for our favorite family member (sorry, mom). Getting a present for your sister can be stressful, but by figuring out what kind of sentiment you want to impart depending on the event, you can cut down some stress.

We've come up with several of the best ideas for unique gifts for your sister at all the special times during her life. These are heartfelt gifts that will make her feel as unique and loved as she is.

Birthday Gifts

It's her birthday, and she'll dance if she wants to. Your sister is so important to you, and this is the day to show you're happy she was born. Take this opportunity to get her something heartfelt and precious, so she always has that reminder of how much you love her.

Charcuterie Hamper

Give your sister an exotic range of tastes. These baskets have meats and cheeses to make a delicious charcuterie board. An excellent gift for a sister who loves to entertain- or just loves meat and cheese.

Long-Distance Telepathy Lamps

If you’re a long-distance sisterhood, these telepathy lamps are a great way to show your sister you're thinking of her. When you touch this lamp, no matter where in the world the other is, it'll light up. With just a glance, your sister will be able to feel your love, and with just a touch, she can send that love back to you.


While everyone gets and gives presents at Christmas time, you can still set yourself apart. No one knows your sister like you; take this opportunity to think of things she needs that she wouldn't buy for herself or things she didn't even know she needed.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold-brew is delish, but running to Starbucks to buy one every day is expensive and time-consuming. Especially if your sister is working from home, she needs a way to have all her favorite things in arms reach all the time. With a cold brew coffee maker, she can make her cold brew to have at any time.

Coffee Lover’s Dream Gift Basket

While we're on coffee, give her the ultimate variety pack if the cold brew isn't her thing and she still needs her caffeine fix. This coffee lover’s gift basket shows you precisely what to get her to make for a merry Christmas and has a little of everything to make sure she has her coffee her way.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day might seem like a strange time to get a gift for your sister, but she deserves to know you're thinking of her then too. The day is for love in all its forms.

Sister-Themed Wine Glass

There’s no better way to show your sister she’ll never be alone than to give her a reason to drink with you. Stemless wine glasses are not only adorable, but they’ll have you both busting a gut.

Gourmet Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Valentine's day is for chocolate. That's just a scientific fact. And what better way than with a gourmet gift basket with a variety of chocolate-covered pretzels. Then, curled up with her blanket and favorite movie, she can eat the whole box in one go or call her favorite sister to share.

The Best Gifts for Sister’s Day

This is the day to show your sister that she is special and precious to you. Celebrated on the first Sunday of each August, sister’s day is a great day to celebrate the bond you have with your sister.

Giving a gift on this day not only shows that you pay attention and value her, but it's also an excellent opportunity to show her how well you know her. After all, no one knows her better than you.

Spa Set With Sparkling Wine

Who says a gift is only for one person? With this spa set, create more fun memories with your sister. Pamper her and show her how loved she is while laughing and having fun.

“Friends” Themed Personalized Candle

This personalized candle is perfect for the sister who rocks out to "Smelly Cat." Not only does it have the iconic font and theme phrase, but it will serve as a reminder of the sweet and thoughtful gift her sister got her.


A once-in-a-lifetime event: your sister's wedding. There are a lot of emotions there and lots of time before the big day. Get her a gift that she can enjoy while planning her wedding. Display how much you care for her and the addition she's bringing to the family.

Eat, Drink, and Be Married Wine Set

A great pun is a gift in itself. This wine set has three kinds of wine- red, white, and champagne- to cover the months between "I Will" and "I Do." Give your sister heartfelt moments before their big day with the person she loves.

Wine Glasses

A classic will always be a classic, no matter how they change or get personalized. Wine glasses are a great way to give your sister something functional that she'll be able to use before the wedding.

Choose a beautiful beach scene to relax her and get her thinking of where her honeymoon should be. Or maybe you want a classic heart, with matching glasses for her and her soon-to-be-spouse. Either way, find something that fits your sister and the occasion.

Baby on Board

Baby on the way is the best way. This exciting time in your sister's life is the perfect opportunity to give her a unique gift that will drive home how excited you are to be an auntie. Whether that’s with a baby gift basket or a pregnancy journal to keep her mind straight, you can remind your sister how loved and special she is.

Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is a magical time, and the first pregnancy is one to be remembered. With this pregnancy journal, there’s room for all the important milestones, so she’ll never forget where she felt the first kick or the first day she went without morning sickness.

Mommy & Baby Bath Gift Basket

It's never too quick to begin stocking up on the necessities. And bath time is a treasured time for mom and baby to relax. So give her some valuable gifts that she can use to pamper herself, even if she hasn't slept in 2 days. With this bath gift basket, she gets washes and creams that are great for the baby, with some swag perfect for mom.

The Best Gifts for Sisters

Gift-giving can be a hit-or-miss enterprise. Even for the people we know, like the back of our hand, we can mess up and get them wrong. That's why having a go-to gift like a gift basket that you can tailor to any special occasion is so important.

Because whether you're an expert gift-giver or you need a little help, giving a special present no one else would think to provide her with will show your sister she's your favorite.



Top photo courtesy Ignat Kushanrev on Unsplash  

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